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Teacher Profile

Mrs. Meredith Curtis

True North Homeschool Academy Teacher

Meredith is a writer, speaker, and curriculum creator with Powerline Productions and teaches Literature and Composition courses such as: Who Dun It, through True North Homeschool Academy.

About Meredith


Meredith Curtis loves Jesus and her ever-growing family. She is mom to 5 and Grand-Merey to 4 so far! As a pastor’s wife, worship leader, woman’s ministry overseer, and mentor, she has constant opportunities to fulfill the Great Commission and see lives changed for the glory of God. She believes that giving young people the gift of classic books and a Christian education can make the world a better place one life at a time. Learning is a blast! Teaching is even better!

Homeschool Experience


Meredith believes that God created a world that is full of exciting things to discover so homeschooling should be fun! She started homeschooling her oldest in 1991 and has graduated all 5 of her children who went on to graduate from college in a variety of fields (Engineering, Communications, English Literature, Accounting, Creative Writing). For the last 10 years, she has enjoyed leading her church homeschool co-op. She loves homeschooling!

Professional Degrees & Experience


Meredith has a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the University of Delaware.

She has written over 70 books: conversational textbooks, high school courses, unit studies, Bible studies, workbooks, lapbooks, cookbooks, timelines, history parties, cozy mysteries, and how-to-homeschool.

God has opened many doors for her to encourage women, teens, and homeschooling families at conferences, classrooms, retreats, and podcasts. You can listen to her at Finish Well Podcast and read her blog at PowerlineProd.



I have had the honor of working with Lisa Nehring over the course of many years, both as a colleague and as an instructor for my middle school child.  She is well versed in the teaching of literature, composition, and writing to a variety of ages. Lisa clearly states objectives and offers realistic goals to her students.  As a parent and home educator, she offered suggestions and guidance that were attainable and gave me the confidence to guide my child towards success. Lisa has years of experience and insight into a variety of educational strategies and programs.  As a fellow educator and homeschooling parent, her expertise and encouragement are top-notch.  We have had multiple opportunities to collaborate and for me (and my child) to benefit from her wisdom. Any student or parent who has the opportunity to work with Lisa will benefit and be equipped to move forward in their educational journey.

Louisa B.

Homeschooling parent of many and fellow educator