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Morning Baskets

Morning Baskets, also known as Circle Time, are all the rage among the younger homeschooling set. For younger kids they are a blast. Gather you read-aloud, some poetry memorization, Bible Scripture and some math games and you’ll have a lovely half or full hour. For those with older students, you might like the idea of Morning Baskets, but not have an idea of what to include. We’ve instituted Morning Baskets in our own home for the past couple of years, with our High Schoolers and we’ve loved the time together. Here is how I’ve  re-configured Morning Baskets for the older set.

What we are doing

We have a set start time for Morning Basket every week day morning– 9 a.m and have committed to finishing at 10:30- regardless of how much we are enjoying our studies together. 

Decide on what you’ll study and gather your curricula and supplies!

This is what we chose for a rising 9th and 12th grader:

  1. The Story of Christianity by Memoria Press
  2. History of Art with Art cards by Veritas Press
  3. Latin forms and vocab review, Latin National Exam 
  4. Math speed drills.

How did I decide what to include? I’ve had my eye on the MP older Bible studies for a few years and we haven’t done a Bible Study together for about that long. We were planning on studying the arts this year, and Veritas Press art cards are always lovely. We all doing Latin forms anyway and math speed is something we continually work on.

A simple way to touch base and set the tone at the start of the day along with connection and discussion. That doesn’t mean things haven’t happened already during the day; it’s just that is when we will pause and come together for another cup of coffee and some communal study.

Morning Basket time has become some of our most valued time during the day. If you try it, I’d love to hear about it!

Lisa Nehring has 1husband, 2 graduate degrees, 5 kids and a black belt in homeschooling. She loves writing, speaking and teaching, specifically Literature and Composition, along with Poetry and Apologetics.