Semester 1

Book 1 of this music theory course will help your student learn the basic language of music. We will cover staves, treble and bass clef, time signatures, simple rhythms, and venture into the circle of 4ths/5ths, and key signatures as time allows in Book 2. Melodic elements presented are accidentals, enharmonics, and whole and half steps, as well as tetrachords and major scales.
We will do basic ear training exercises to make our knowledge of music theory practical. We will also cover the basics of music history, learning a timeline of dates and interesting information about major composers.

Semester 2

We will review basic music theory, then delve deeper into major and minor keys, more complicated rhythm and music reading, more advanced time signatures; major, minor, augmented and diminished triads; and minor chords, chord progressions and harmonizing melodies.
We will continue to work on ear training exercises, and the student will have a fundamental understanding of the building blocks of Western music.
Books Needed
Semester 1 – Excellence in Theory – KJOS
ISBN 0-8497-0522-3 (book 1)
ISBN 0-8497-0523-1 (book 2)
Semester 2 – Excellence in Theory – KJOS
ISBN 0-8497-0523-1 (book 2, same as last semester)
ISBN 0-8497-0524-x (book 3)

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