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Patrick Shaughnessy

High School & Junior High Math Teacher

About Patrick 



A licensed teacher in the state of NC, Patrick has been teaching high school math and designing class curricula for 14 years. He has always had a passion for using technology to create interactive and meaningful experiences that reach different types of learners.

Patrick has taught in traditional classrooms and online classrooms, at both high school and community college levels. He understands that for some students the traditional classroom is not the best way to learn math. MetaMath (formerly known as MathDab) was born of his personal passion to take the anxiety out of high school math and create a place where students can learn at their own pace. He has taken the same concepts he teaches at public high school and broken them into bite-sized lessons.

Professional Degrees & Experience

Patrick is a creative, highly qualified, and certified high school teacher with a Mathematics degree from Penn State University. 



As a newer homeschooling parent of a child with learning disabilities, I was struggling to find the right fit for math. I learned about Math Games for Struggling Learners and we decided to give it a try… We are so glad we did!  

Katy R.

Homeschooling parent