Junior High School

Jr. High courses for homeschool families. Online LIVE classes with a teacher. Student interaction is an integral part of these core and elective classes for middle school students.

Important Information

  • Please check dates and times before you register for a class. There is a $20 charge to change your classes.
  • When you purchase your classes please check the box to receive communications from us. We will contact you by email regarding important class changes and to send you orientation information.
  • Be aware that the email you use for your purchase is where we will automatically assume you want to be updated about your class purchase.

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  • Adapted History

    US History – Adapted for Struggling Learners (PP)

    $70.00 / month for 10 months
  • National German Exam Test Prep

  • National Parks Exploration

  • TNHA Product Image US Literature and compostition for Junior high online class

    U.S. Literature and Composition Level 2

  • Adapted History

    US History – Adapted for Struggling Learners

  • TNHA Homeschool class online Science for middles school - botany



    Geography to Distant Lands – Full Year

  • TNHA Online needle arts class in knitting and crochet

    Knitting & Crocheting

  • TNHA Product Image New TESTAMENT Single Semester Class

    New Testament Survey

  • TNHA Biology and Physics Class for Middle School with True North Homeschool Academy

    Exploring Biology and Physics

  • TNHA Science Exploration Elementary Science for grades 4 to 6 online class

    Science Exploration B

  • TNHA Product Image Art & Music updated 2021-2022 school year Level two

    Art and Music Level 2

  • Organizing Your Writing

    Organizing Your Writing II

  • TNHA online class writing skills 5 for middles school IEW Modern World

    Writing Skills 5 – Modern World

  • Online class explores different styles of dance through movies with an emphasis on physical fitness for Elementary age homeschoolers.

    Dance through the Movies- Elementary Edition

  • Introduction to Music Theory

    Introduction to Music Theory

  • 7th Grade Math

  • 6th Grade Math

  • 8th Grade Math

  • TNHA Product Image - Grades 6 to 9 IEW writing online class for homeschoolers

    Elementary Writing & Grammar – Narnia IEW

  • TNHA Product Image Art class Level 2 high school homeschool class

    Art – Level 2

  • TNHA Product Image Science at the Movies Ungrade for middle school and high school

    Science at the Movies -Jr. High

  • Middle School Homeroom

  • Junior High online Bible Study of Proverbs

    Proverbs Bible Study