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Membership Website

True North Homeschool Academy offers two different types of memberships: student enrichment clubs and parent equipping memberships. These are annual memberships and can be paid by the month, or as a one-time payment for substantial savings.

Find more information about our student clubs or our membership program. See a current schedule of clubs and parent equipping HERE.

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  • Parent Equipping Membership

    Parent Equipping Membership (5)

  • Student Enrichment Membership

    Student Enrichment Membership (5)

  • Membership Gift Card – One Year of Student Enrichment Clubs

  • Membership Gift Card – One Year Parent Equipping

  • Sale!

    Parent/Student Membership Bundle – Annual

    $249.50 / year
  • Sale!

    Parent/Student Membership Bundle – Monthly

    $23.00 / month
  • Sale!

    Student Enrichment – Annual Membership

    $218.00 / year
  • Sale! Student Enrichment - Monthly Membership

    Student Enrichment – Monthly Membership

    $20.00 / month
  • Sale! Annual Parent Membership

    Annual Parent Membership

    $110.00 / year
  • Sale! Parent Equipping

    Parent Equipping

    $15.00 / month