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Summer School

Summer School

June 6-July 15

Summer fun with an educational twist!

The six-week summer session 2022-23 will run from June 6-July 15. Classes are designed to build skills, get kids excited for the academic year ahead, help them solidify their resources and create a rich and enjoyable learning environment that follows the Goldilocks Principle for optimal learning!

Choose from Core Classes such as English, Math or Science, fun Electives and even Foreign Language! Each class is a stand alone but also segueways beautifully into our full year classes. Summer course set your student up for success!

See the grade levels and class descriptions by clicking the images below.

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  • True North Homeschool Academy’s Summer SPLASH! Summit

  • Sale! Summer Bootcamp Bundle

    Summer Bootcamp Bundle

  • Sale! Literary Discussion

    Literary Discussion Summer

  • Sale! Career Exploration Bootcamp

    Career Exploration Bootcamp Summer

  • Sale! Math Skills for Chemistry

    Math Skills for Chemistry Summer

  • Sale! Conversational Spanish

    Conversational Fun with Spanish Summer

  • Sale! Summer Bootcamp: Latin II Review 

    Summer Bootcamp: Latin II Review Summer

  • Sale! Write a Research Paper

    Write a Research Paper Summer