7th Grade Science- Natural World


Rebecca Lundgren

Full Year

Tuesday 12:30-1:30 p.m.. CST

Tuesday 9-10 a.m. CST


7th grade Natural World

Biology is the study of living things.  From the smallest microscopic bacteria to the largest mammal God’s creation is amazing, unique, and wonderful.  Explore the life of plants, insects, mammals, birds and much more of the beautiful world around us.  Starting with the observation of trees during the first part of the year we will become apt observers while we study botany.  During the second part of the year we will focus on the larger study of biology.

This course will give your child a foundation to further explore sciences of their own choice, and a wonder that will help guide them into a desire for self-led learning.

Required Texts:

“Exploring the World of Biology” by John Hudson Tiner 9780890515525
“The Book of Trees” by Sean Brooks 9781615382149
Higher quality sketch book/student journal


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