Academic Advising Bundle


Get equipped! Our bundle will help you you thrive through High School and move on to College and Career Success! Each item purchased separately would total $287!  You save over $90!


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The Academic Advising Bundle is designed to equip both parents and students with resources that provide academic and career guidance and direction. Our experienced and creative Academic Advising team will take the worry and stress out of homeschooling! From a Personalized Learning Plan to curriculum and career-building suggestions, our team has you covered! You can rest easy and enjoy the journey, confident that your student will be ready to launch with success! Includes:

  • Academic Advising
    • 1-hour zoom meeting with experienced Academic Advisor
    • Credit Evaluation to date-we’ll help you find those overlooked and often missed credits your student has completed
    • Student Success Portfolio: get your student’s high school transcript up to date.  We’ll help you find ways to include oft-overlooked items that should go on the transcripts such as like performances, camps and more
  • Performance Series Test
  • Career Exploration Class of your choice
  • 1 Title from the Young Professionals series
  • Survive Homeschooling High School E-book 50 pages of information that will take you from “confused and barely surviving” to competent and successful!


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