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ACT Test Prep Class


Fall Semester – Six-week online course for ACT test Preparation
Meets: Wednesdays 2:00-3:00 p.m. CST (Sept 22 -October 27)
Instructor: Pauline Salo
Required Materials: TBA – will be available on the website.

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This ACT Test Prep class will take your student from a nervous wreck to a confident test buster! Join Experienced Test Prep Coach, Pauline Salo for 6 weeks of practice, tips, and ACT test strategies. Students will develop strategies for taking the ACT, have practice sets, and gain confidence.

ACT Test Prep is an Essential Tool For Success!

This online course meets for a six-week period beginning in the Fall.

Obtain your best ACT test scores by taking the test multiple times. On average students who take the test three times feel the most confident and reach their best scoring potential.
Students who take the test multiple times in conjunction with an exceptional test prep course raise their test scores. High ACT scores help your child gain entrance into exclusive schools and programs and garner scholarship dollars, setting your student up for future success!
Private tutoring for ACT, CLT or SAT Tests available upon request. We can give you one-on-one prep, or ask us about providing an online prep class for your co-op, academic program.

A 1-point difference on the ACT or SAT can mean the difference between a mediocre and a full-ride scholarship! 

Required Materials

Practice tests and materials – TBA – will be available on the website.


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