Algebra I


Algebra I

Full Year Course – 1 High School Credit

Weekly Math Meetings –  Mondays 2:30-3:15  p.m. CST


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Algebra I

This course extends the understanding of linear relationships by comparing them to exponential and quadratic functions. Students will apply linear models to data that exhibit a linear trend. They will also master summarizing, representing, and interpreting data on a single variable. Algebraic skills are applied in a wide variety of problem-solving situations.
This class is a blended learning program. Students will have access to videos and worksheets throughout the week and then scheduled time with a Math teacher, to have their questions answered and to help with concepts that students are stuck on. If your child completes the Math Class that they’ve signed up under before the end of the school year, they can move on to the next class with no further charge, within the time frame of the school year.
Math Meetings will take place Thursdays 3 p.m. CST
This class is a foundational math class for high school and will set your student up for future math and academic success!

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