AP Capstone Seminar


High School – AP Class

Full Year Course: August 23, 2021, to April 25, 2022

Meets: Mondays, 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. CST

Instructor: Dr. James Stobough

Required Texts:

  • Davis, John Jefferson Davis, Evangelical Ethics.
  • Stobaugh, James, African-American Social History & Literature
  • Shelby Steele, White Guilt
  • Articles provided

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This AP Seminar course is an inquiry-based course that aims to engage students in cross-curricular conversations that explore real-world topics and issues from multiple perspectives. Students are empowered to collect and analyze information with accuracy and precision in order to craft and communicate evidence-based arguments.

AP Capstone Seminar is a classical education, online college prep course. Throughout the program, students consider multiple points of view to develop their own perspectives on complex issues and topics through inquiry and investigation. The AP Seminar program provides students with a framework that allows students to develop, practice, and hone their critical and creative thinking skills as they make connections between issues and their own lives.

While helping students to develop and strengthen their critical and creative thinking skills, students learn to consider multiple points of view to develop their own perspectives on complex issues and topics through inquiry and investigation.

The inquiry process exposes students to a variety of primary and secondary print and non-print sources such as articles, research studies, and foundational literary and philosophical texts; speeches, broadcasts, and personal accounts; and artistic works and performances. The wide variety of academic sources provide the opportunity to gain a rich appreciation and understanding of issues as students collaboratively or independently analyze and evaluate the evidence to consider options, alternatives, solutions, or resolutions of real-world or academic problems.

AP Capstone can be taught with all curricula tracts. Students will complete AP Capstone Seminar on their chosen track and receive 3-6 hours of college credit.

Performance Task #1: Team Project and Presentation

Students work collaboratively with a team to identify, investigate, analyze, and evaluate a real-world or academic problem or issue; consider and evaluate alternatives or options; propose one or more solutions or resolutions; and present and defend the argument for their solutions through a multimedia presentation.

Performance Task #2: Individual Research-Based Essay and Presentation

Students work independently to identify a research question based on provided stimulus material; research the issue; analyze, evaluate, and select evidence to develop an argument; present and defend a conclusion, and produce a multimedia presentation to be delivered to their peers.

Performance Task #3: AP Seminar End-of-Course Exam (2 Hours)

Required Texts for AP Capstone Seminar:

Combine this course with Politics, Philosophy, and Economics for a thought-provoking and rich honors program or AP English Language and Composition. We recommend the bundle for greater savings if you are registering for multiple classes.

All Advanced Placement tests taught through True North Homeschool Academy are NCAA Compliant. If you are seeking an NCAA scholarship and need assistance, please check out our NCAA Academic Advising.


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