Full Year Course – 1 High School Credit

Monday 9:00- 10:00  a.m  CST

Instructor Dr. Kristin Moon

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Biology is the study of life and living things.  In this year-long high school level course, students will be exposed to the amazing complexity that exists in living organisms--even at the cellular level.  Material will be taught using a variety of methods including live, interactive classes, videos, hands-on activities, online simulations, and labs.  Whenever possible, students will understand how the topics we study apply to real life.  Students will come to realize that science isn’t just something in a textbook; science is everywhere and affects us every second of every day.

Biology Topics we will study include:

  • The chemistry of life
  • The scientific definition of life and the characteristics shared by all living things
  • Cell structure and function, the cell cycle (mitosis)
  • DNA: what it is, how it is organized, and its role in life
  • Gene expression: transcription, translation, DNA replication, DNA mutations
  • Genetics and heredity: how genes are passed down from parent to offspring, meiosis, Punnett Squares, dominant and recessive gene alleles, Mendelian and non-Mendelian inheritance
  • How organisms are classified into biological kingdoms (taxonomy)
  • Characteristics of organisms with Prokaryotic cells (bacteria and archaebacteria), Viruses
  • Characteristics of members of Kingdom Protista (Protists and Algae)
  • Characteristics of members of Kingdom Fungi
  • Characteristics of members of Kingdom Plantae (the plants)
  • Characteristics of members of Kingdom Animalia (the animals)
  • Ecology: water, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen cycles, food webs, populations, symbiosis

Required Texts:  Because the course material will be taught using the instructor’s resources, a separate textbook is not required.  However, for those students who learn best by reading, optional reading assignments will be posted to correspond with the topic we will study.  These optional reading assignments will be from Exploring Creation with Biology, 2nd Ed by Wile and Durnell and/or the free, online biology textbook from Guest Hollow.

Student comprehension and progress will be evaluated through class participation, weekly homework assignments, and periodic exams.