Thursday 9:00 -10:00 a.m. CST

Full Year Course – 1 Credit Course

Instructor: Christie Kuntz

Pre-Requisites: Algebra I


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Course Description:  Chemistry is the study of matter and the changes it undergoes. A basic understanding of chemistry is central to all science—biology, physics, Earth science, ecology, and others. It is also central to our everyday lives. This high school chemistry course, while not exhaustive, is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in core chemistry concepts that will serve as a precursor to more advanced science courses in high school or college.

In this course, students will view chemistry lectures, participate in online discussions of the course material, and will practice the concepts covered via worksheets and various online tools that help to cement their understanding. Students will be evaluated through a combination of quizzes, homework assignments, and tests.

A textbook is not required for this class, however, the textbook Glencoe Chemistry: Matter and Change ASIN: B014S2JAEC can be purchased as a reference. All notes and additional course material will be provided for an additional charge. The notes are fill-in-the-blank and are to be completed as students review the online lectures. The course material consists of all the worksheets and assignments the student will need for content mastery.

Course:  High School Chemistry Online Lab

Instructor: Christie Kuntz

Chemistry Lab

An addendum to the lecture-based online chemistry course. Students will conduct lab simulations, view lab demonstrations, and complete online web quests that carry them through the scientific method and enhances their understanding of concepts taught via practical means. Additionally, students will develop proficiency at writing a proper lab report and using critical thinking skills to analyze lab results. The labs, simulations, and/or web quest activities will correlate to the course outline below.

Course Outline:

  • Unit 1: Scientific Method and Measurement
  • Unit 2: Atomic Theory
  • Unit 3: Electrons and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Unit 4: The Periodic Table and Periodicity
  • Unit 5: Ionic Bonding and Nomenclature
  • Unit 6:  Covalent Bonding and Nomenclature
  • Unit 7: Chemical Reactions
  • Unit 8: Stoichiometry
  • Unit 9: Solutions
  • Unit 10: Thermochemistry
  • Unit 11: Acids and Bases
  • Unit 12: Gas Laws

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