Tuesday 4:00 -5:00 p.m. CST

Full Year – 1 Credit of High School Foreign Language

Instructor: Jade Cao

Required Textbook:  MeiZhou Chinese Simplified Characters Level 2 Textbook





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Chinese – High School Level

Chinese will prepare your high school student well for further understanding this critical language.

Course Objectives:

• Students learn basic elements of phonetics of Chinese characters: Pinyin, tones, and rhythm
• Students learn basic strokes and the order of the strokes to recognize the structures of Chinese
• Students learn to read and speak Chinese from the situational texts with scenario pictures to
enhancing understanding
• Students learn Chinese cultures through topics of lessons in each unit

There are ten unit lessons in this textbook and each unit lesson comprises text, reading and speaking,
words and phrases, sentence making, unit story

Lesson I: Cangjie’s invention of Chinese Characters
Students learn the legendary story about Cangjie’s invention of Chinese Characters, which are
Lesson II: A Fable
Students learn the fable about a lamb trying to eat a white flower on a hill.
Lesson III: A Story about Joking
Students learn a funny story about joking about what to eat at a home setting.
Lesson IV: Making a Guess
Students learn a story about making a guess about who is the older brother and who is the younger
brother at a school setting.
Lesson V: A Folk Tale
Students learn about a folk tale in which a wolf in disguise was trying to enter the locked
house of a little girl.
Lesson VI: Song of The Mountain and an Ancient Poem
Students learn a fairy tale poem about the song of the mountain as well as a classic ancient poem
called On the Stork Tower by Wang ZhiHuan.
Lesson VII:  Spring Festival
Students learn basic facts about the Chinese Spring Festival
Lesson VIII: A Fairy Tale Poem
Students learn a fairy tale poem about how a horse, a frog, a fish, a bird, a snail and a brother and
a sister get home.
Lesson VIIII: How Many Books? A Prose
Students learn a simple math story in a classroom setting. Students also learn prose about an
ancient brush.
Lesson X: A Fairy Tale About A Mouse
Students learn the fairy tale about a mouse called BeiBei learning a lesson about bravery.

At the back of the textbook, there is an English translation of the unit stories for all lessons as well as a
vocabulary chart with English translation. Besides the textbook, the workbook is also required for this
course. There will be two mid-term exams and two final exams.

Required Textbook:  MeiZhou Chinese Simplified Characters Level 2 Textbook



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