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Chinese Language Learning for Middle School


Chinese – Junior High & High School (Grades 6-9)

Full Year Course

Meeting: Mondays, 4:00-5:00 p.m. CST

Instructor: Jade Cao

Required Textbook: MeiZhou Chinese Simplified Characters Level 1





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Chinese language learning for Junior High and High School (Grades 6-9) will focus on hearing, speaking, writing, and reading simplified Chinese.

Chinese – Course Objectives:

  • Students learn basic phonetics of Chinese characters: Pinyin, tones, and rhythm
  • Students learn basic strokes and the order of the strokes to recognize the structures of Chinese characters
  • Students learn to read and speak Chinese from the situational texts with scenario pictures to enhancing understanding
  • Students learn Chinese cultures through topics of lessons in each unit

This course will include eight units and in each unit, there are two lessons. Each lesson comprises text, reading practice, character writing practice, vocabulary, and a unit story.

  • Unit I: Numbers, Fruits, Counting Numbers
  • Students learn to say names of numbers, months, fruits and count numbers through rhymes, songs, games and stories.
  • Unit II: Body Parts, Months, Spatial Direction
  • Students learn to say names of body parts, months through rhymes, and games.
  • Unit III: Nature, Family Story
  • Students learn to say names of mountains, forests, fire, water, wood, earth, moon through stories, and a poem. Students learn a story about Mom’s Birthday.
  • Unit IV: Colors of Flowers, Weather
  • Students learn to say names of colors of flowers, names of weather through rhymes and stories.
  • Unit V: Food, Weekdays
  • Students learn to say names of food and weekdays through stories.
  • Unit VI: Body Parts
  • Students learn to say names of body parts through rhymes and stories; use movement verbs to make sentences.
  • Unit VII: Comparisons
  • Students learn to make comparative sentences through stories.
  • Unit VIII: Friends, Friendship
  • Students learn to express opinions of friendship through stories.

Required Textbook: MeiZhou Chinese Simplified Characters Level 1

At the back of the textbook, there is an English translation of the texts and stories in each lesson, as well as a vocabulary chart with English translations.  Besides the textbook, the workbook is also required for this course. There will be one mid-term exam and one final exam.

Combine the study of the Chinese language with World Geography, Science at the Movies and Narnia for a robust year of learning and fun. Purchase as Bundle for greater savings.


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