Claritas Cycle 2

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Claritas Cycle II

Sarah Coomes

Monday 9:000 a.m. to 10:30  a.m CST



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Classical Memory & More- Cycle II

Are you looking for community and support as you delve into the Claritas Curriculum, classical homeschooling or dedicated memory work? We are here to help you succeed!

This 28 week long program will cover Claritas Cycle II including memory pegs in the following subjects: History, Math, Science, Latin, English Grammar, Scripture, Geography, Hymn, Timeline. Each live on-line class will cover new memory, memory review and then dive more deeply into one to two subjects a week.

Required Texts
Claritas Cycle II Guide (
Subscription to Cross Seven. This subscription will allow students to view the recordings of each week’s class as well as allow students to have access to all memory work set to music. (

Optional Materials
Claritas Timeline Cards:
Claritas Cycle 1 Map Book:
Claritas Cycle 1 Flashcards:

3rd-7th Grades. Children younger than 3rd grade are welcome to participate in class if there parents are sitting with them. You will want studnets to have a nice quality head-set.

Story of the World Vol II. is recommended, however, if you are using an alternative, preferred history program, there is no need to change.




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