5 Common Topics: Not So Common Anymore!


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the 5 Common Topics: Not So Common Anymore

The 5 Common Topics are a simple, effective and under utilized tools to educate across curriculum and ages. This simple guide will get you started, provides clear and specific examples about how to actually implement the 5 Common Topics.


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The 5 Common Topics; have you ever heard of them? This little used educational concept can revolutionize your homeschooling and educational experience. Let us guide you through how to utilize each of the 5 Common Topics, beginning with definition. It is easy to implement these tools across curriculum, and with multiple grades and ages. Whether your student is familiar with the information or not, The 5 Common Topics will allow your student to recognize quickly what they do know and make connections and cross-references, allowing them get further than they though possible. An excellent addition to any literature curriculum, math or science curriculum from Kindergarten through High School.

We’ve included a clear explanation of the 5 Common Topics as well as examples of how to use the 5 Common Topics with a random subject, Printable Math sheets to laminate for Math class, flyers to print and put in your notebooks or classroom areas, and printable bookmarks to use with co-ops, class-days or in your own home.

This is continuing education for every homeschool Mom, co-op or class day teacher and classical educator. Equip yourself and watch your students soar!

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