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Dance – Full Year


Full Year High School Level Course – Grades 7-12

Meets: Mondays, 12:45 – 1:45 p.m. CST

Instructor: Katie Munson

This is a high school level dance class but students in grades 7-12 may participate. There are no prerequisites.

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Dance – Full Year

Dance – Full Year is a fun way to learn and earn your high school physical education or humanities credit. This online, full year dance class meets weekly and is comprised of learning about Ballet during the Fall Semester and Jazz during the Spring Semester here at True North Homeschool Academy. Your child may join the class for only one semester if they prefer (see current semester classes).

Ballet – Fall Semester

Ballet constitutes the foundation and fundamental technique for all styles of dance. In addition, ballet is an exciting and fun way to move your body and gain body awareness. Through ballet, students will learn terminology, coordination, and gain confidence. Each week class will be a live ballet class working through basic technique and steps with students gaining in their understanding and appreciation of the beautiful art form of ballet. Perfect for students who are already studying ballet but want mid-week lessons or for those eager to explore ballet in their own home. Ballet is also a time honored way of building core strength and coordination and is an excellent addition to one’s schedule, particularly if the student struggles athletically or is building strength and coordination for other sports.  An excellent way to earn High School Physical Education or Humanities credit for students of all abilities and levels of interest.

Jazz – Spring Semester

Jazz dance is a fun way to explore music and dance. A high energy style, Jazz dance will provide a great cardio workout each week as well as build musicality, confidence, and physical strength. Each week class will consist of a live Jazz class working through technique and strengthening exercises. Jazz dance is an excellent way to burn off extra energy, build one’s coordination and core strength and develop a greater understanding and awareness of the culture in which it developed. A fun and unique way to earn High School Physical Education or Humanities credits.

Pair this class with World History, Modern 20th Century for an integrated understanding of the world in which we live!