Dinner with Shakespeare & Dickens


Dinner with Shakespeare & Dickens

Grades 8-12 

Monday 9:00 – 10:00 CST

Instructor: Shannan  Swindler

Required Materials: Let’s Study Shakespeare and Let’s Study Charles Dickens



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Dinner with Shakespeare & Dickens

What would you do if you were the guest of honor at a dinner party hosted by William Shakespeare or even Charles Dickens?  What would you eat? By whom would you sit? What would be the topics of discussion and entertainment for the evening?

Get ready to answer all these questions as we study William Shakespeare’s Medieval England and Charles Dicken’s Victorian England.

In the first semester, we will explore the life of William Shakespeare and deep dive into the culture (and drama) of the Late Middle Ages where Queen Elizabeth I was in charge and change is afoot in science, religion, philosophy, geography, literature, art & music.

In the second semester, we will look at Charles Dicken’s Victorian England. We will again get acquainted with the culture, innovations, and challenges of living in Victorian England in the 1800s.

We will spend time each semester learning about other famous dead folks from the 1500s and 1600s and the 1800s that were alive at the same time as Shakespeare and Dickens.  A portion of the class will be dedicated to learning about the food, customs, and challenges of planning a dinner party to appeal to all the guests on your extensive guest list.

The culmination of each semester will be a “digital dinner event”. We will attempt to step into the shoes of these famous men and women and enjoy a deeper understanding of what life really was like in medieval and Victorian England. Get ready for a better understanding of the impact these famous folks had on the whole of history.

This course is suited well for junior high or high school students interested in a different approach to history or those looking for an in-depth study for a senior thesis style project.

Required Materials and abilities necessary for this course include:

  • Required Materials: Let’s Study Shakespeare and Let’s Study Charles Dickens
  • Additional materials may be required for those doing a Senior Thesis style project
  • Ability to attend the online class and participate in group discussions and project sessions
  • Ability to conduct online research outside of class time, being ready for discussion each week
  • Those taking this course as a senior thesis project will be given the opportunity for more in-depth research of additional areas relative to the time period


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