Earth and Space


Middle School

This is a full-year course.

Wednesday 9:00-10:00 a.m. CST

Instructor: Rebecca Lundgren

Required Text:

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Earth & Space

Earth and Space is a Middle School Science course that will excite and inspire your student!  “How big is the earth?”  This is the first question asked in this exciting middle school course.   This class will explore the questions of discovery that led to how mankind explored and learned about the earth.

Earth and Space will begin by utilizing Exploring Planet Earth, which provides a fascinating history of explorers (Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, etc.) and places, from early civilization to future exploration. Each student will get to learn about what each explorer overcame and how they used failures and challenges to become world-changing individuals.  Each student will also maintain a long-term timeline. Topics covered in addition to exploration are tides, the compass, rivers, glaciers, the atmosphere, balloons, and flight.

Earth and Space will also explore the world of Astronomy. Students will learn about constellations from season to season, what to look for on the moon, and how space correlates with planet earth.  Your student will need the required texts and access to the sky! Watch your middle school child’s world expand the way these life-changing explorers did.

Required materials:

  • Exploring Planet Earth: The Journey of Discovery” by John Hudson Tiner 9780890511787
  • “Exploring the World of Astronomy: From Center of the Sun to Edge of the Universe” by John Hudson Tiner 9780890517871
  • Students will need a 3-ring binder and loose-leaf paper or a notebook.
  • An assignment notebook or planner of some kind.
  • Kids will also need to have an understanding of how to use google classroom. (can be achieved in student training)
  • each student will need to have a working camera and speaker/ microphone for use in the classroom.
  • Students will need to have access to a working printer

Grading will be done with a combination of assignments, formal assessments (in class and independently), student presentations, discussions, and participation.

This class is ideal for students in 6th  to 9th grades.  Ninth grade students will have extra projects and presentations to submit for a grade.  This class would also work very well with students needing special accommodations.

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