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Elementary Bundle – Classical Core – One Semester


Classical Elementary Bundle – One Semester Classes

This bundle of two Elementary level classes includes your choice of one Classical Memory Course and one Elementary level writing skills course.

After purchase an email will be sent to the email you signed up with, prompting you to choose the classes. Check Elementary products for class days and times.

You will still need to complete your enrollment here once you’ve made your purchase.

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This Classical Core Elementary Bundle allows you to pair a one semester Classical Memory Cycle I, II, III or IV class and any Writing Skills Class for a 5% discount over purchasing classes separately.

Perfect for those who are homeschooling from a Classical or Charlotte Mason approach, for the overwhelmed homeschooler, or those with multiple children. Working homeschooling Moms will also find this approach to homeschooling manageable and successful! The Classical Memory courses follow the integrated history cycles of Story of the World and the Claritas curricula. The writing skills course utilize resources from Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) and other successful writing curricula.

Classes are chosen by YOU so you can create the best plan for your student and family.

Classical Memory class uses Claritas and Cross Seven memory work to provide memory pegs based on four history cycles:

In addition, students will study English Grammar, Latin, Math, Geography, Science, Timeline, Bible and Hymn study. This fun program gives your student a broad overview of the world. Memory pegs are set to music through Cross Seven’s program and includes interactive games and quizzes to make learning accessible, challenging, and fun!

Pair Classical Memory with one of our Writing Skills courses. Choose by History Cycle or pick an area of special interest to you, such as Narnia.

Elementary Bundles classes are taught by committed, creative educators who love to see your student succeed! These are live online, synchronous classes. Students will see and hear the teacher as well as other students in the classes. We believe that education takes place best within a safe and caring environment.

Need more classes? Choose Three Course or Six Course Elementary Bundles – bundles are available for other levels as well.

NOTE: once you purchase any bundle of classes, you will receive an email with instructions about how to choose your classes. Please read and choose your classes from the lists provided. Also, please add the class titles you are adding to your bundle in the order’s notes section.

You will still need to complete your enrollment here.


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