Creating Priorities


Creating Priorities for Students

Half Year Year Course

Thursday 12:15-1:15 a.m. CST

Instructor Amy Vickrey

1 Semester for students K-12th grade

For High School age/level students, counts for 1/2 credit.



Executive Functioning: Creating Priorities

Perhaps your child struggles with executive functioning skills, as mine does. When it is time to do his schoolwork, my son loses his pencil, loses his worksheet, will solve the problem with blocks but forget to write the answer, disappears, jumps up and runs around the house, find a million other things to do, and then will finally sit down, solve two questions, and then he’s off again….

My son, like many others, struggles with executive functioning skills.  He doesn’t MEAN to be unorganized and distracted, but his brain just can’t help it. Like many people with a diagnosis, he also struggles with time management, self-control, memory and other cognitive issues; common for those whose brains are developing differently. As a family we are working on many things to help him learn how to better manage his time and his work.

Maybe someone in your family struggles with Executive Functioning issues as well. Hallmarks of executive functioning issues are:

  • difficulty with working memory
  • cognitive functioning
  • inhibitory control -in other words, they have a difficult time managing their emotions, especially when “triggered”

What causes Executive Function Disorder? Some people are born with weak executive function. It can also complement diagnosis such as ADHA, depression, autism and other learning disabilities. An injury to the frontal lobe can harm your ability to stay on task and certain diseases may also cause executive functioning disorder.

Does your child struggle with any of the following beyond normal childhood development?  

  • Planning projects
  • Estimating how much time a project will take to complete
  • Telling stories, either verbally or in writing
  • Memorizing and remembering
  • Starting activities and tasks

Creating Priorities is a class built on an evidence-based coaching model to help students with academic performance in the area of executive functioning.  Skills that will be focused on during this class are

  • Setting and measuring goals; initiating tasks and staying focused on them.
  • Time, task and distraction management; developing the ability to pause, reflect and consider the situation and appropriate responses.
  • Planning, Organizing and Execution of plans.
  • Effective study skills; including paying attention and keeping track of what you are doing, following multi-step directions.

Students will be given tools to practice with that can be applied to everyday schoolwork and life.  The Creating Priorities class will give your kids do-able, practical skills  in a safe, nurturing live on-line class with Special needs teacher Amy Vickrey, overseen by NILD Certified Instructor. 

This course is perfectly paired with Creating Priorities for Parents for optimal success!  Couple this class with any of our Special Needs/ Struggling Learners classes like Math Games,  Reading and Phonics and through Spelling and American Sign Language.(ASL)




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