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Exploring English Grammar B


Full Year Elementary Course – Grades 4-6

Exploring English Grammar B

Meeting: Thursday 12:45-1:45 p.m. CST

Instructor: Crystal Neifhoff

Required Materials: Shurley English Homeschool Workbook Level 5

Optional Materials: Shurley English Level 5 Teacher’s Manual 

Prerequisites: Students should be able to compose and write complete sentences on their own.

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Exploring Writing B is designed for 4th-6th graders who have either completed Exploring Writing A or have a more advanced knowledge of grammar and writing. This course will use the First Language Lessons, Level 3, along with the companion workbook written by Jessie Wise, and, Writing With Ease, written by Susan Wise Bauer.

Using narration, copywork, and dictation, Exploring Writing B will help young students grow from a basic knowledge of the spoken language  to being able to communicate more effectively both verbally and in writing.  

In this course, Exploring Writing B, older elementary students will begin to use part of their own narrations as dictation exercises. Ms. Bauer explains that by doing this, “eventually they will learn that, in order to write, all they need to do is put an idea into words (something they’ve practiced extensively through narration), and then put those words down on paper (which they’re accustomed to doing during dictation). They will begin to write.”

Some students will do this more instinctively, others may struggle, but we will work toward the goal of writing gradually and with lots of practice. In time, they will indeed begin to write, which is an important vital skill as the students progress into the junior and senior high grades where they will focus on original writing, “which requires not only a mastery of both steps of the writing process, but the ability to find something original to say,” says Ms. Bauer. Laying a strong foundation for written communication now, is in fact a vital tool they will need, and use, throughout their lives. 

Exploring Writing B is a full-year course. Grading will be either a pass or fail, determined by participation in class and the completion of assignments both in and outside of class.

Required Materials

First Language Lessons, vol 3 Writing With Ease, vol 3


Students should be able to compose and write complete sentences on their own.


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