U.S. Geography


Grades 6-9 Full-Year Course

Thursdays 10:15-11:15

Instructor: Becky Lundgren

Required Texts

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U.S. Geography

Grades 6-9

Full Year Course

The U.S. Geography and Cartography course will begin with students learning how to read and use maps. They will learn the definitions of geological physical features and other materials needed to really make the study of the United States one of great interest.  In class, we will study a broad overview of both Physical and Human Geography as well as practicing how to draw maps and memorizing important points on these maps.  We will also be studying the relationships between locations and cultures in our nation.

U.S. Geography students will have a chance to make the locations they are learning about relevant through the study of the cultures and history that have influenced it. It will help to put these locations into context and make a rich experience for your child.  Students will have an opportunity to present what they have learned and drawn in class. Students will present to the class on a geographic topic that they have explored completely in that unit.

Required materials:

  • Maps of America the Beautiful
  • A quality atlas that students will be able to observe while drawing their maps
  • Students will need an artist’s quality notebook.
  • An assignment notebook (or planner of some kind)
  • Kids will also need to have an understanding of how to use google classroom. (can be achieved in student training)
  • Each student will need to have a working camera and speaker/ microphone for use in the classroom.
  • Students will need to have access to a working printer

Grading will be done with a combination of assignments, formal assessments (in class and independently), student presentations, discussions, and participation.

This class is ideal for students in 6th  to 9th grades.  9th-grade students will have extra projects and presentations to submit for a grade.  This class would also work very well with students needing special accommodations

This course would be well paired with other Middle School Courses. 


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