Health 101


Health 101

Grade Level: 8-12

Meets: Self Paced

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Health 101 includes 16 different lessons covering everything from bullying and online bullying, to social media and mental health issues

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This half-credit health course covers topics that aren’t talked about anywhere. We’ll discuss issues surrounding bullying and what to do when bullied. We’ll cover online safety and how to use technology and social media wisely. And we’ll share strategies to help manage and improve mental health. When 1 in 4 kids are bullied every year, this is a huge issue. Know the facts. Know what to do and how to help.

Despite zero-tolerance policies and bullying awareness campaigns, bullying is increasing. And with the addition of social media, bullying is increasingly subtle and complex. It’s hard to define, hard to defend against, and hard to deal with.  Would your child know how to handle bullying? Register now.  


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