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Heroes of the Faith – One Semester


Heroes of the Bible

One Semester

Elementary Class (Grades 3-6)

Instructor: Rachel Margaillan

Meets: Mondays, 10:15- 11:00 a.m. CST

Required Materials:


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Heroes of the Faith is an exciting class that will learn about the heroes of the Bible. Through the exciting, suspenseful, and action-packed adventures of the Bible, students will gain excitement and passion for the things of God that will inform their faith for years to come!

This course will be an overview of some of the most important accounts and characters of the Bible. Heroes of the Bible will look at the most prominent heroes of the Bible and apply their examples into everyday lessons for the students. By looking at these characters, students will learn to look for and apply the positive traits of Biblical heroes into their own lives. This course is about teaching students basic Biblical virtues; courage, honesty, and faith.

Our class time in Heroes of the Faith will be devoted to reading each week’s Bible passage and participating in group discussion and activities. Some of the heroes that will be studied throughout the course are Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Daniel, Joshua, Deborah, Gideon, Ester, Ruth, David, Solomon, Peter, and Paul.

Each week, we will examine a different Bible Hero and examine how they obeyed or disobeyed God and how that affected their faith life.

Students will gain basic critical thinking skills by identifying the positive traits of each character. Students will gain practical skills by being challenged to implement the characteristics of these Heroes of the Bible every week. Students will be expected to complete weekly writing assignments that will elaborate on the important themes studied each week. Students will also keep a structured prayer journal. This tool will help students to establish a consistent prayer practice, asking God to help them implement the characteristics of the heroes we study. This course will also emphasize scripture memorization each week to build the faith of each student.

Heroes of the Bible is a semester course best suited for students in 3-6th grades. This class is also offered as a full-year class.

Grading will be done through the completion of assignments and participation in class. Much of the curriculum needed will be provided online, through worksheets, flashcards, activities, and pdf downloads. Some minimal art supplies are required.

Required Materials for Heroes of the Bible:

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