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Summer SPLASH! EduSummit & Homeschool HELP! Bootcamp Bundle


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This BUNDLE contains both our Summer SPLASH! EduSummit Virtual conference ticket AND the Don’t Panic! PLAN! High School Bootcamp Challenge.

About the Challenge:

The goal for this self-paced Challenge is simple: To help parents create a personalized learning plan that makes sense for their students and their resources

       ” Write the vision, make it plain.” Habbakuk 2:2

Challenge Details

This 5-Day Challenge will cover the following:

  1. Day 1 – Intro to High School – What is the purpose of High School?
  2. Day 2 -Overview of Tyical Course of Study
  3. Day 3- Credits and Transcripts – Assess for Success
  4. Day 4 Stand-out Factor
  5. Day 5 Forward Thinking – Life Skills & Soft Skills

In those 5 days, we’ll cover a ton of crucial information, all designed to give you the confidence you need to successfully prepare, plan, and homeschool high school.

About the EduSummit:

True North Homeschool Academy is hosting its first-ever virtual summit – Summer SPLASH! a one-of-a-kind education event for homeschool families.

We all know that 2020 changed how we work and how we educate, leaving parents looking for new solutions to education that are reliable and effective! And while there is no “going back” families are often left wondering what they are heading “to.”Our True North Summer Summit mission is about giving Christian parents the tools, hope, and resources that they need to homeschool effectively in a quickly changing world. This conference will help families provide a solid Biblical foundation while helping them envision and dream for the future!
This conference is the first of its kind. Sponsored by True North Homeschool Academy, which provides solid educational pedagogy, using cutting-edge technology, True North has years of experience in providing quality online education, using the SAMR hierarchy of online education and gamification all while being true to Judeo Christian roots and Biblical authority!

Click Here for Speaker Page and Workshop Titles

5 Days of Live sessions covering:

Panel 1: Homeschool Grads Panel
Panel 2: Entrepreneurship
Panel 3: Homeschool Mom’s Entrepreneur Panel
Workshops in these categories:
Where We’ve Been
Time Tested Educational Pedagogy
The Future of Education
Preparing our Kids for Launch
This super-affordable 5-Day event is just $25. 

Schedule of Speakers: Click Here.


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This BUNDLE contains both our Summer SPLASH! EduSummit Virtual conference ticket AND the Don't Panic! PLAN! High School Bootcamp Challenge.