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How to Write an Essay Workshop


How to Write an Essay Writing Workshop

Jr and Sr High School Level Class (appropriate for those in grades 7-12)

Meets: This is an ASYNCHONROUS Class. Lessons will be posted weekly every Monday of our 6 week Summer Session

Instructor: Julia Jinks

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Let a friend know!


How to Write an Essay Writing Workshop

How to Write an Essay Writing Workshop will introduce the essay by dissecting the essay into parts. Essay Writing is a foundational skill for all other forms of writing.

Students will focus on specific writing elements:

  • thesis
  • transitions
  • introductions
  • conclusions

As students explore these essay parts individually, they discover the ease of constructing a well-written essay.

How to Write an Essay Writing Workshop is an accelerated and asynchronous class is worth ½ credit during the 6 week summer session. Students can work at their own pace through the course.

  • No previous formal writing required
  • Reluctant writers welcome
  • Learning challenges embraced

This is an ASYNCHRONOUS Class. Class lessons and assignments will be posted in our virtual classroom.

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