American Literature & Composition -Jr. High English


7th Grade English- Literature & Composition

Full Year Course

Wednesday 2:00-3:00 p.m. CST

Readers listed below. Parents may want to purchase IEW’s TWSS and Lost Tools of Learning Teacher’s Manual, but it is not required.

Instructor Lisa Nehring

Can be purchased as a stand-alone class, as a Basic, Enhanced or Premium Package.


American Literature & Composition-

Jr. High English –

Literature and and Comp will be a fun, dynamic introduction to basic persuasive essay writing, develop student’s stylistic techniques through poetry forms and tropes and get kids reading, talking and thinking about amazing literature! This year will focus on American Literature! Each book will be treated like a simple unit study where we’ll dive into the genre, author, plot, character and setting. We’ll use the literature as source text to create persuasive essays. Students will be expected to read the literature and participate fully in a dynamic, fun class. Simple writing assignments will take place through-out each month, such as Author’s Biographies, and some fun creative writing assignments, along with persuasive essays.

Good writing is good thinking and this class will hone your student’s critical thinking abilities as they wrestle with concepts in the literature as well as the elements of creating good writing.

Selected Short Stories, poems and novels that reflect the American Culture across the years. Available 2020-21 school year.



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