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Latin A

  • Latin A is a introductory Latin course that takes young students (grades 1-4) step by step through learning:
    • 25 Lessons and 5 Review Lessons
    • Basic English and Latin Grammar Forms and Rules
    • 5 Vocabulary Words Per Lesson (with English Derivatives)
    • Simple Latin Prayers, Songs & Sayings

    In class, the instructor reviews students’ work and carefully teaches students how to use their textbook to study and complete weekly assignments. Students are given time to practice orally in an encouraging setting where structure, repetition and simple games support joyful learning.

    Why study Latin? This is an exceptional and time-tested way to learn English grammar, vocabulary, and attention to detail. Additionally, it is a fantastic basis for understanding Western Culture, as language reflects culture. Young elementary students memorize easily and are not intimidated by foreign language making this is a perfect time to introduce the basics of foreign language study. Additionally, historical context, saying, songs, and prayers are part of the program, which students enjoy learning.

    Our dynamic, interactive small group classroom (class sizes are limited), allows students to grow and develop within a caring online community!

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