Latin III


Latin III 

Monday 12:15-1:15 p.m. CST

Full Year- 1/2 credit of High School Latin

Instructor: Rev. Wesley Walker

Required Texts:

Suggested Materials:



Latin III

The goal of Latin III is to prepare students to translate Latin texts. To do this, we will first review to shore up skills acquired in previous years, focusing on indicative mood verbs (active and passive voice), adjectives, and pronouns. Students will then learn to define and distinguish between indicative and subjunctive moods and form, recognize, conjugate, and translate present and perfect systems of each. Besides grammar, students will practice translation and conversational Latin while also learning about Roman history and the use of Latin in the Christian Church. 

This course is a continuation of Latin I and Latin II, using First and Second Form Latin. This is the beginning of 2nd year high school Latin. Students will gain a continued and thorough understanding of English Grammar, Latin Grammar, learn around 300 additional Latin Vocabulary words, English Derivitives, Latin Sayings, an appreciation of for the Roman Culture, especially in terms of Western Civilization, and build exceptional study skills. This class makes Latin learning fun!

Required Texts:

Suggested Materials:

Class will meet weekly live on-line for 1 hour on Zoom.

Credit: 1.00

Pre-Requisites: Latin I and II

This class can be purchased with the Sr High Bundle, or as a stand-alone class.



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