Life Skills: Finding Balance


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Life Skills for Teens:Finding Balance

Get a taste of our year-long class with this 4 session workshop

Class runs March 24-27 12:45-1:45 pm (CST)

Instructor Shannan Swindler


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Life Skills: Finding Balance

Life Skills: Finding Balance will give your 8th-12th grader a taste of what our year long Life Skills: Adulting with Confidence will be like. It’s also a great way for your kids to build skills, interact with a virtual room full of other home-bound teens and think through important life lessons.

In an age when global events require us to pivot quickly and well, finding balance can feel impossible. This interactive, dynamic 4-day workshop will help your kids understand necessary tools and tricks to weather and withstand what life throws at them.

This is a 4 session class for 8th-12th graders and will touch on 4 aspects of teen well being and how to find balance. Each session will have around 30-40 minutes of reflective homework in preparation for the next session.

Sessions include:

Wellness & Balance – Assess your current state of well being and learn to develop and encourage your sense of peace and well-being.
How To Prioritize – Choose what matters in a world where, for better or worse, we have access to the world.
Self-Care for Teens – What nourishes your soul and what should? How to triage between good, better and best.
Orienting Your Compass – Establish Healthy Routines that will keep your social life, body, mind and soul nourished throughout your life!

Join Shannan Swindler for an engaging time of learning during this 4-part session of Life Skills: Finding Balance
Class runs March 24-27 12:45-1:45 pm (CST)


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