Formal Logic


Full Year

Thursday 10:15 -11:15 a.m. CST

Instructor Rebecca Lundgren

Required Text: Discovery of Deduction

Available 2020-2021



Junior High School Students love to argue! Equip them with the tools they need to argue well! In this year long course, students will study and learn 28 logical fallacies, foundational to their understanding of good reasoning, and critical thinking skills. This course will prepare students well for upper level writing and speaking.

This course focuses on Formal Logic- Deductive Reasoning. This course effectively takes students through a traditional “Square of Opposition” which shows how various logical relations relate to each other. Students will also study syllogism, which embodies deductive reasoning by taking the form of a major premise, minor premise, and conclusion. This course is excellent for developing critical thinking skills and honing ones mastery of deductive reasoning as they move in to more difficult high school subjects.


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