Math Games II Special Needs


Math Games II

Full Year Course (1 Credit Course)

Tuesday 10:15-11:15 a.m CST

Amy Vickrey 



Math Games II Special Needs &Struggling Learners

Math Games II for special needs students or struggling learners is the perfect follow up course for those students with basic understanding and yet still need strategies to develop math consistancy. This course will strengthen each students understanding of numbers, problem solving ability math fluency and math. Students will develop problem-solving strategies and critical thinking skills despite learning disabilities! Perfect for those students who have taken Math Games I. 

Special Needs Students who will benefit the most from this course may exhibit the following:

  • need to master basic number sense skills
  •  do not understand problem solving steps
  •  do not remember problem solving steps
  • struggle with math facts
  • Level 2 – Multiplication and Division facts, long multiplication and division, word problems, multiples, Prime factorization, Introduction to fractions including adding and subtracting with common and mixed denominators

Why are the class sizes limited to 5 students for our Special Needs/ Struggling Learners classes?

  • Classes are kept small to facilitate a true cooperative learning environment with our students’ needs kept foremost in mind.
  • Classes are customized according to the needs of the students.
  • Activities progress according to the progress and needs of the students in each class.
  • Small class sizes allow executive functioning skills to be developed including problem-solving and meta-cognition.
  • Small classes provide an anxiety free learning environment allowing students to focus on skill building success!

Educational Therapy or Tutoring for Special Needs and Struggling Learners?

Tutoring guides special needs students through a text or curriculum. Our classes, based on Educational Therapy, go beyond that. We are concerned with students grasping the concepts in this course as well as being equipped to handle the next academic challenge.  We use questions to guide students through the learning process, helping them understand and correct mistakes.  Students will grasp math concepts as well as understand how to apply these concepts to other areas of their lives.

Math Class Games are taught by Special Needs instructor and advocate Amy Vickrey. Amy has over a decade of teaching experience, is a SPED Homeschool Consultant, and the Director of True North Homeschool Academy’s Special Needs/ Struggling Learners Program. Check out our Catalog for other courses, clubs, Academic Advising and more!


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