Math Games II


Hebrew Conversation II

Full Year Course (1 Credit Course)

Wednesday 11:3012:30 CST

Amy Vickrey 



Math Games will build and strengthen number sense, math fluency, math vocabulary, and problem-solving strategies.

Students who need to master basic number sense skills, those who rely on procedural understanding (steps to do a problem) without a conceptual understanding (why you do the problem-solving steps and how to problem solve) would benefit the most from this program. Also, students who do not remember the steps in problem-solving or have trouble with math facts would benefit greatly from Math Games!

  • Level 2 – Multiplication and Division facts, long multiplication and division, word problems, multiples, Prime factorization, Introduction to fractions including adding and subtracting with common and mixed denominators

Why are the class sizes so small?

Classes through our Struggling Learners program are kept small in order to facilitate a true cooperative learning environment with our students’ needs kept foremost in mind.  The classes are individualized according to the needs of the students. Activities progress according to the progress and needs of the students. Our students are successful in this safe, fun learning environment.

How is it different from tutoring?

Tutoring is a form of reteaching or breaking down learning into smaller steps to help someone who struggles. Our classes go beyond that, evaluating where each student is on a concept, and helping them be successful as they learn the concepts.  We use questions to guide students through the learning process, and to help them understand and correct mistakes they are making in the math processes.

The classes are formatted as a cooperative environment where students see how other kids process the information and discuss how we think through games and questions. The classroom is a safe place to discuss how they think through information. The end result helps students to see how they learn and to apply that to other areas of their academic lives.

Math Class Games are taught by Amy Vickrey. Check out our Catalog for other course, clubs, Academic Advising and more!


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