Math Games I

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Math Games 

Full year, live on-line, 60 minutes per week.

Kelley Godwin, Amy Vickrey


Math Games 

Math Games will build and strengthen number sense, math fluency, math vocabulary, and problem-solving strategies. Students who need to master basic number sense skills, those who rely on procedural understanding (steps to do a problem) without a conceptual understanding (why you do the problem-solving steps and how to problem solve) would benefit the most from this program. Also, students who do not remember the steps in problem-solving or have trouble with math facts would benefit greatly from Math Games!

  • Level 1 – Basic Operations – offers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and how to learn math facts fast.
  • Level 2 – Math involving fractions, decimals, percent, and review of multiplication facts.

This class will be held for 60 minutes live once a week for 32 weeks taught by Amy Vickrey and Kelley Godwin.


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