Math Skills for Chemistry


Math Skills for Chemistry

High School Class

Summer Session 1/4 Credit Class

Summer Session May 24th – July 2nd

Meets: Mondays, 9:00 – 10:00  a.m.  CST

Instructor: Dr. Kristin Moon

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Summer Session May 24th – July 2nd

Math Skills for Chemistry is a 6-week course. We will review the mathematical concepts used in high school chemistry to prepare students for success. 

Topics we will cover include:

  • Using a scientific calculator
  • Understanding and working with exponents
  • Expressing very large and very small numbers in scientific notation
  • Rearranging algebraic formulas
  • Understanding significant figures
  • Using dimensional analysis to convert between units

Students will learn and review concepts in class. They will complete assignments during the week to practice the skills they have learned.

Every aspect of the world today – even politics and international relations – is affected by chemistry. ~Linus Pauling

Grade level: 9-12 

Materials needed: the teacher will provide all curriculum.  Students will need to be able to print out notes and worksheets and come to class ready to take notes and work on problems together.

Students will need a basic scientific calculator that will do calculations with exponents and in scientific notation.  These calculators can be found just about anywhere (big box stores, office supply stores, even drug, and grocery stores).  One I typically recommend is the Texas Instruments TI-30X (aff).  Not only will it work well for chemistry but it is also a calculator permitted for the SAT and the ACT.

Prerequisites: pre-Algebra

Pair this class with German Culture Exploration or The Divine Comedy for an engaging summer session. Check out fall classes, including Chemistry and Anatomy & Physiology, all taught this fall by Dr. Kristin Moon.  Purchase a Senior High School Bundle for greater savings.

Chemists do not usually stutter. It would be very awkward if they did, seeing that they have at times to get out such words as methylethylamylophenylium. Sir William Crookes



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