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Middle Ages Exploration – Elementary History


Elementary Full Year Course – Grades 1-6

Middle Ages Exploration

Meeting: Thursdays, 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (CT)

Instructor: Meredith Curtis




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Middle Ages History Exploration will take elementary-aged students on an exciting exploratory adventure, learning about the Middle Ages from the fall of Rome to the beginning of the Renaissance. Elementary students will be introduced to monks, monasteries, knights, castles, cathedrals, heroes, and bad guys through reading aloud, timelines, maps, and hands-on activities.

In Middle Ages History Exploration, we will uncover and explore the story of what happened in this era. Class time will consist of stories from the Middle Ages, learning and reciting history sentences memory work, and locating Middle Ages people, places, and events on a timeline and/or map. Students can complete hands-on projects during the week and show them off in class.

The Middle Ages will come alive in this fun and thought-provoking class, designed to give children a sense of God’s purpose throughout history, especially in the Middle Ages.

Required Materials:

Suggested but not required:  a Cross Seven subscription

A quality headset is preferred


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