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NCAA Advising


What’s included in our NCAA Academic Advising

  • 60 minute consult
  • Personalized Curriculum Suggestions
    Personalized Learning Plan
  • Personalize Transcript to date
  • Suggestions for Core Course Descriptions
  • An experienced Advisor to double check eligibility requirements

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NCAA Academic Advising

NCAA Academic Advising takes the worry out of Homeschooling your athlete!

  • A one time 60 minute consult via Zoom
  • Personalized Transcript Evaluation that will assess courses, credits and grades
  • Evaluation of Credits to Date
  • 4- year Personalized Learning Plan
  • Curriculum Suggestions
  • Core Worksheet check-up

This Advising Package is designed to help you have the best academic year possible with guided assistance from those who been where you’re at and are invested in your success. Suited specifically for homeschool athletes and their parents as they navigate the requirements for college eligibility. Our Advisor has experience in homeschooling and with NCAA eligibility success! No need to guess if you have fulfilled requirements, we’re here to come alongside your for success!

We’ll help you create a Personalize Learning Plan, check Course Description sheets and be part of the academic team you need to ensure launch success for your promising young NCAA athlete!



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