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Number Literacy – One Semester


Elementary Level Class

One Semester

Self-Paced With Teacher Meetings

Teacher: Sandra Balisky

Meeting: Thursdays, 12:15 – 1:00 PM CT

Required Materials

  • Curriculum Provided
  • Manipulatives: abacus or rekenrek
  • You may also make your own manipulatives. CLICK HERE for video instructions.

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This is one semester course is an elementary level, self-paced math class, with live teacher interaction during office hours. Students will develop a deep understanding of how numbers work and throughout the year will work at their own pace with guidance from the teacher. Students can move ahead to the next concept or level when they are ready.
This class will be based around the 5-volume workbook series entitled Framework Math: Developing Number Sense Using Ten Frames and a Rekenrek. All students will receive the first book at the beginning of the year, and will then work through them in order, receiving the next book after they finish the current one.
Volume 1 (Laying the Foundation) introduces students to the Rekenrek and ten frame and helps students develop a deep understanding of how numbers work (subitizing, composing, and decomposing numbers up through 100 with an underlying focus on the fundamental nature of place value, paving the way for a natural progression into all 4 operations). Younger students will need to spend more time working through this and may benefit from additional games and activities that will be provided. Older students may move much more quickly through these first books.
These workbooks are full-color, open-and-go, and age-neutral (so that no one feels like this is beyond or beneath them) books. Parents are encouraged to work through the books with their children, but will not need to spend extra time planning for these lessons, as everything needed is provided in the short explanations, simple hands-on practice exercises, diagrams, and written activities.
You can see a flip-through sample of the Addition book here:
This series is designed to portray Math as one cohesive subject, using ten frames and a Rekenrek from the very beginning stages up through multi-digit operations. Each book helps students develop strategies that work with small numbers (Math Facts) that can be stretched, built on, and used flexibly with larger numbers.
The class focuses on building “sense-making” skills at all stages, not just memorizing facts or procedures.
The curriculum presents common themes and strategies throughout.  Students of all ages and stages will be able to build (or “retrofit”) a solid foundation in Math by working consecutively through each book (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division). All students will be encouraged to proceed at their own pace, and additional resources will be provided as needed for those who want to linger longer on any specific topic.
The teacher will hold weekly office hours to answer any questions or provide further explanations on topics as requested and will provide graded check-ups at the end of each unit to help build accountability as students work towards mastery and deep understanding.

Required Materials

  • Curriculum Provided (see description above)
  • Manipulatives: abacus or rekenrek
  • You may purchase (see link above) or make your own manipulatives. CLICK HERE for video instructions.


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