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Old Testament History: From Adam to Nehemiah


Old Testament History: From Adam to Nehemiah

Spring Semester: 1/2 Credit Course

Junior High – Adult Level Course

Meets: Wednesday 2:45 -3:45 p.m. CST Spring

Instructor: Rabbi Arthur Fischer

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Old Testament History: From Adam to Nehemiah

Old Testament History has been a source of inspiration, spirituality and wisdom for thousands of years.  It is also true that the books of the Bible are set within a historic context.  And because different books in the Old Testament often address the same events from multiple perspectives, it can at times be confusing.

The goal of this course is to explore the historic events chronicled in the Old Testament from within the Biblical texts themselves.  Students will be expected to read sections of the Hebrew Bible, using any translation available to them, in preparation for each class.

Some topics to be examined include:

  • How is early history depicted in the Five Books of Moses, and how does it compare with Chronicles?
  • How did the system of government evolve in ancient Israel?
  • How did the prophets understand and react to the destruction of the Temple and the Babylonian exile?

It is hoped that this course will add additional layers to the students’ appreciation of the Old Testament in particular, as well as the rich legacy of faith it leaves for both Jews and Christians. Biblical Literacy is the hallmark of a scholar. This course will allow students to understand the Old Testament within a Jewish context.

Pair this course with Biblical Feasts and Festivals for a full year of rich and varied Bible study to inspire, encourage and challenge you and your student in their faith! Open to mature Jr. High School students through adults. Biblical Hebrew I or Modern Hebrew I is also a popular course to take in addition to Old Testament studies.

Required Materials: An Old Testament Study Bible.


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