Old Testament Survey


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Tuesday 2:00 -3:00 p.m.. CST

Full Year

Nicole Henry


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Old Testament Survey

This junior-high level course will assist the students in seeing the pattern, progression, and unity of the Old Testament Scriptures. The goal is to see the “big picture” so that future biblical studies can be related to the overarching redemptive program of Christ that began with the nation of Israel.

Students will work through Starr Meade’s The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Study Volume I and II as a companion guide to reading the OT over the course of the year. By the end of the year students will have:

  • Memorized key verse sections
  • Memorized a timeline chant from creation to 400 years of silence
  • Memorized the key word, key chapter(s) and verse(s), key character(s), theme, important geographic locations, and special word meanings
  • Drawn, colored, and labeled important maps
  • Studied important art works
  • Written short biographies of key characters – a “Who’s Who?” of the OT
  • Written a basic outline for each book
  • Discussed the OT’s place in the history of the ancient near east and the world

And much more!


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