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Orienteering -Career Exploration/Personal Finance

Full year- 1 credit course

Friday 10:30 a.m. -11:30 p.m. CST

Tamara Pool

Required Texts & Tests: Career Exploration by Cheri Frame

Beyond Personal Finance


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The Goal of our Orienteering Course is to:

  • Students will identify the intersection of passions, interests and the necessity of work
  • Explaining the difference between work and career and how it fits into each student’s personal pathway
  • Students will learn “How They Learn”
  • Student’s will identify their strengths and weaknesses using a multitude of assessments
  • Students will leave class with a personal pathway based on strengths, interests, passions and giftings paired with real-world career exploration.
  • Student will identify spheres of possibility instead of a single job or career.
  • The capstone for the class is a student presentation of their own personal pathway.
  • This class is going to be very discussion and discovery based.
  • Students will read 2 Leadership books and give a class presentation on both
  • Personal Stewardship will be explored as student complete a year long COLA project utlizing Beyond Personal Finance


This class will prepare your students for real world money management, as well as career development and training based on their skills, gifts and life-style desires. Leadership and personal responsibility are explored and developed. A must-have course for every high school student!


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