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Phonics B


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Phonics B

Full Year, 1 Credit Course

Monday/ Wednesdays 2:15-2:45 p.m. CST.

Instructor Katie Potter

Phonics B

In Phonics B students use a discovery and sound-based approach to synthetic phonics instruction. Each week students will discover spelling patterns for different sounds using therapy methods in the class. There is weekly assigned homework. This approach to reading and phonics gives a solid foundation while also using proven methods for students with dyslexia and other reading difficulties.

Reading & Phonics through Spelling takes five essential components of reading

  1. phonemic awareness
  2. phonics
  3. fluency
  4. vocabulary
  5. reading comprehension


Phonics A is offered for students using A Reason For Spelling Level B

Phonics C is offered for students using A Reason For Spelling Level E and Level F

To determine what level your child is performing at please utilize the placement tests for A Reason For Spelling :

This course is designed to help your special needs or struggling learner gain mastery and success, building confidence and ability through skills acquisition. Classes  are based on a therapy model of intervention. Class size is very small, up to six students. Higher-level thinking skills will be developed and supported in this interactive, small-group intervention that covers research-based reading or math instruction while mediation, Socratic questioning, and strengthening of cognitive functions will serve as the core methodology. 

How are our classes different than Tutoring?

Tutoring is form of reteaching or breaking down learning into smaller steps to help someone who struggles. Educational therapy goes beyond that, looking at learning in a three part process, building executive functioning skills along with specific phonics ability. 

  1. Information gathering
  2. Thinking through information
  3. Delivering or expressing the information.



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