Middle School/ High School Level Elective

Spring Semester – 1/2 Credit Class

Meets: Monday 1:00- 2:00  p.m. CST

Required Materials: regular access to a digital camera, or camera phone

Instructor: Shannon Swindler


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Photography captures those moments in life that are significant, allowing us to share what is important both personally and culturally. Photography allows us to communicate with others, even when we don’t share a common language. It allows us to be an artist, to express ourselves and to join in a wider conversation. As images become a more important part of how we communicate and interact, having a basic understanding of how to capture a compelling image becomes increasingly important.  Join this half-credit elective class that is perfect for middle & high school students wanting an introduction to basic photography or for more advanced students wanting challenge and inspiration.

In our image-driven world, being able to capture, crop, and utilize photography is a growing skill and that will add to your students’ vocational repertoire.

Beginners will enjoy being creative and learning the basics. More advanced students will fine-tuning their skills by completing more difficult and challenging assignments.

Course curriculum will be provided.

Students will need to have regular access to a digital camera or camera phone. Some additional apps will be suggested for camera phones. These are not required for beginners, but will likely be necessary for intermediate students using a camera phone and wanting to take their skills to the next level. Students will also be observing & journaling about photography so will need a notebook/digital document for keeping notes/ideas/observations in.

Scope of This Class

During this 15-week Photography course we will cover the following topics:

  • Loving Your Subject with the Perfect Backdrop Framing Lighting Composition
  • Emotion
  • Portraits
  • Nature & Landscape
  • Still Life
  • Macro & Food Photography
  • Famous Photographers
  • Becoming Me As A Photographer
  • A Great Photograph Deserves to Be Sharp

Required Materials

  • Teacher-provided course materials
  • Access to a digital camera or a phone with a camera
  • Apps
  • Notebook/digital document for journaling notes, ideas, and observations

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