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High School


Meets: Mondays, 10:15 – 11:15 a.m. CST

Instructor: Laura Nolette

Required Materials: Adobe subscription for Photoshop and Lightroom. Students can purchase a student subscription.


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Photoshop students will develop a foundational knowledge of tools that can be used to pursue graphic design, photo manipulation, print design, and a myriad of other projects. Incorporating fine art principles with technological execution will give students a variety of solid skills in basic design procedure that will be a launching pad for a diverse portfolio of work. Photoshop offers users the ability to create, enhance, or otherwise edit images, artwork, and illustrations

Students can expect to submit projects in multiple steps from basic mockups to a final polished product. This class is intended to give students a broad overview of this powerful industry-standard software. By the end of class they should have mastered the basic layout and functions of Photoshop and begun to incorporate workflow habits that are essential to efficient and effective design.

What can Photoshop be used for?

  • Enhance colors, adjust sharpness and blurriness, add contrast
  • Retouch an old photo
  • Add to an existing image
  • Fix up old photos
  • Crop an image
  • Combine multiple photos into a single image

This is an excellent class for students who have entrepreneurial aspirations, looking to work online or in marketing. This class will teach real-world skills for high school students to prepare them for a fast-changing, global world, where the gig economy will rule.

Required Materials: Adobe subscription in order to have Photoshop. Students can get a discount for their subscriptions. Photoshop and Lightroom together should cost about $10 a month.

One Semester: The class will be taught and graded by your True North Homeschool Academy teacher. The coursework your child will complete in this high school level elective course is equal to 1/2 credit hour which may be awarded by your homeschool upon completion of the course. If you would like help determining your students’ credits or creating a transcript, check out our Academic Advising.

Middle school or Junior High Students who want to be challenged may also join this high school level class.

Pair this class with Entrepreneurship, Video Editing, Songwriting, Psychology and other amazing classes for a robust year of learning! Choose a Bundle for greater savings. For students who are unsure about what comes next, Orienteering is a great class to discover vocational interests.


1 review for Photoshop

  1. Shannan

    My son really enjoyed this class last year. The teacher was excellent and he learned a variety of skills that helped him create posters, book covers, and more. But the bonus skill learned was how to give and receive constructive input on projects. Learning to work in a peer team was such a bonus for us! Great class!

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