Summer Intensive Class
May 3- June 28

Friday  8:30 – 10:0 a.m. CST

Lisa Nehring



Is your student interested in learning formal poetry, do they want to develop a more mature writing style, understand Shakespeare and other literary greats at a deeper level? This class will is perfect for beginning and more experience poet as it will develop and deepen their understanding of poetic rhyme and meter, as well as include tropes.

Poetry class will focus on

  • feet: iambic, trochaic, anapestic and dactylic
  • pmeter
  • tropes: simile, metaphor, pun, personificiation, synecdoche, anapest, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, rhetorical question, oxymoron, euphemism.

Students will write individual and group poems. This game will be dynamic and interactive. Even student with no prior experience in formal poetry writing or reading, will learn quickly and discover a fun and dynamic way of interacting with their readers.

Required Text

Grammar of Poetry Student Text by Cannon Press


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