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Proverbs Bible Study – One Semester


Proverbs Bible Study – Study Wisdom Literature!

High School Junior High Class (Grades 7-9)

One Semester Course

Meets: Tuesdays, 11:30 -12:30 p.m. CST

Instructor: Rebecca Lundgren

Required Materials:



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Proverbs Bible Study will instruct students in how to apply Biblical wisdom teaching their daily life as they navigate a complex world.

The study will introduce students to life management skills such as personal character, discerning wise council and honoring our parents.  Other topics will include caring for our bodies, stewardship, and responsibility. Most importantly, this study of Proverbs will focus on learning about keeping our identity in Christ. While we will spend the semester studying Proverbs and memorizing key verses, we will also be using the rest of the Bible to reinforce these principles.

Required materials:

  • Practical Proverbs 
  • A Bible
  • A 3-ring binder and paper along with section dividers
  • An assignment notebook (or planner of some kind)
  • Kids will also need to have an understanding of how to use Google classroom. (can be achieved in student training)
  • Each student will need to have a working camera and speaker/ microphone for use in the classroom

Grading for Proverbs will be done with a combination of assignments, projects, and classroom attendance and discussion.  Can be turned into ½ of a Bible or Life management credit for high school students with extra projects and resources. Purchase individually or as part of a Middle School Bundle.

This class is ideal for mature students in 7th  through 9th grade.  9th-grade students will have extra projects and presentations to submit for a grade.  This class could also work very well with students needing special accommodations.

Proverbs Bible Study has been a favorite of True North Homeschool Academy students every year that it is offered; thought provoking and life affirming, this is a wonderful introduction to deeper Biblical study.


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