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Psychology is the study of Human Behavior. In this course we will cover 18 units on research methods and stats, testing,  human growth and development, testing, cognition, perception, disorders and more. The material covered will be of personal benefit to students as well as allow them to view possible careers that are influenced or directly related to the field of Psychology. Furthermore, students will be well prepared to take the Psychology CLEP Prep test, allowing them to earn a full High School Credit, as well as college credits for a fraction of college costs.

½ year (First Semester), FULL CREDIT COURSE (Block Schedule)
Monday 2:15 p.m -3:45 p.m.  CST
Instructor Lisa Nehring, M.A., M.F.T.

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1 Credit Course

Psychology is a full year curriculum that introduces students to the scientific study of psychology – an engaging course, often offered in both high school and as a college general education course. As a high school credit, it can be considered a social science or elective. This Course  is age-appropriate for high school students. We will be offering this class as a 90 minute, weekly full credit class (block schedule) so that students can maximize high school and CLEP credits as upper level high school students.

Psychology is the student of human behavior. Much of the field is political and it often has a bad name in the Christian world. Understanding Psychology, however, and the science that goes behind it can enrich our lives and ability to communicate effectively with others. The goal of this course is to inspire students to inquisitively ask, questions and seek appropriate, Biblical answers to human behavior. This information will be applicable to their own lives, as well as to a broad range of career fields. Most Psychology programs are written and taught from a merely secular point of view. This class will be taught from a decidedly Christian point of view with the understanding that science is a helpful and effective tool when used as such.

Required Texts:

Credits Before College Psychology Course Guide

Understanding Psychology ISBN: 0078285712

Students may also find The Best Test Preparation fro the CLEP Introductory Psychology ISBN -0-7386-0087-3

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2 reviews for Psychology

  1. Barb Betz

    I would love my son to be able to take Psychology from a Christian viewpoint before he heads off to college!

  2. Jannell Scott

    We have home schooled 6 children over 30 years. As they moved into their high school years we have used various methods to fulfill their high school credits. Some of our kids attended public school classes, some took tutored classes for free in co-op with other parents, some took tutoring classes for fees, some of the classes were community ed classes supplemented by homework, and of course, we taught classes ourselves at home. Until this year, we never used an on-line class. The times weren’t handy, the cost was prohibitive, or the direction seemed wrong in some way.

    This year, my friend Lisa was teaching an on-line Psyc class and let us know there were openings if my Junior daughter was interested. The cost was reasonable. The aim and oversight were assured. The times fit our schedule. So we dived in. It has been a lovely experience for our daughter and also for me as her primary teacher.

    I have enjoyed knowing that our daughter is attending a quality class I do not have to plan, organize or run her to. I have enjoyed knowing that she is getting a class that I would not have been likely to provide myself or in the community around us. I have appreciated the reasonable cost of these classes compared to others we have looked at. I like that she can use this class to possibly test out of a college class.

    Our daughter says that this was her favorite class this year. She enjoyed the subject matter and the way it was taught. She enjoyed the interaction with the other students in her class. She liked the amount to time it met, being a block class that met for a longer period. She completed a year’s worth of work in a semester’s time. She “liked how the teacher didn’t assume we just knew everything. And if we didn’t know something, she didn’t make us feel dumb.” She thought the class itself was very interesting, and something she may not have gotten in traditional education at a high school level. She thought the homework was neither too much or too little.

    We have had such a positive experience that she has signed up for another class for second semester. She will again be able to efficiently complete a year of study time in one semester and be ready to test out of another college credit when she is done.

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